Jon Powell for U.S. Congress

Jon Powell, candidate for U.S. Congress, Texas District 36

Shared values

We need a representative who actually works for all the people. You can count on me to do that. We can all agree that our country is based on shared values, with freedom at the core. And from the start, working together, we have built a country that is the model for the world.

Are you aware that the incumbent has a track record of working against the public interest and reducing our freedoms? He has voted to restrict access to health care, allow pesticides to flow into streams, and eliminate the rules that require banks to treat consumers fairly. And he has voted to allow your private information to be collected and sold. This is not freedom. These are not your values. This is not what makes America great.

Here for you

I am motivated to run because our democracy is too important to allow the incumbent to continue to vote for laws that are harmful to residents of the Texas 36th Congressional District and our nation. I will support and take action for all citizens in our district. And, unlike the incumbent, I will meet with you, hold in-person town hall meetings, hear you, and be your voice.

I pledge to put my training in science and experience in business and public service to work for you—to carefully guide our government to do important and necessary things for all of us.

Elect a Representative who represents YOU. In 2018 you can elect a Member of Congress who shares your values. That’s why I am running for the U.S. Congress—to represent you—and work for you, the people of Congressional District 36 in Southeast Texas.

I’m Jon Powell, U.S. Congress candidate, and I want to represent you in Washington, D.C. I need your support to get there. Get involved today.