Primary election results are in

Well, the results are in and Dayna Steele has won the nomination for Democrat candidate for Texas Congressional District 36. Please join me in supporting her. Our main goal has always been to get the Trump puppet, Babin, out of office, and to send him back to his dental practice in Woodville. Better that he does root canals on his patients than on the residents of Southeast Texas.

And I want to thank you sincerely for the support and encouragement that you have given me during this primary race. I hope we can maintain the relationships we have developed and that you will feel free to call on me to support causes that you support. I will continue the effort to restore the role of government to work for the good of all of us.

Please stay engaged in the political process, as the primary is only the first step. We need to turn Texas blue in November for the good of all of us and our entire country.

Thanks again for your support.