About Jon Powell

Jon Powell standing on pier with lake in background and blue sky

Jon Powell is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Texas Congressional District 36 in Southeast Texas. Jon and his wife, Cindy Evans, live in Taylor Lake Village in the Clear Lake area between Houston and Galveston.



Shared values, integrity, and accountability”


In his own words…

I am a scientist (geology and chemistry) and have devoted my career to working with industry on environmental, safety, and management issues. Many of my clients are local, and I have worked around the world with energy, refining, and petrochemical companies to help them meet environmental and safety challenges.

Fact-based problem-solving

With clients, I work to continuously evaluate and improve performance. I listen to people at all levels in an organization, use real evidence to frame and analyze problems, and come up with workable solutions. I will use this type of fact-based problem-solving in Congress to benefit the residents of Texas Congressional District 36.

Public service

Jon Powell and Cindy Evans
Jon Powell and Cindy Evans

Cindy and I and our two sons are committed to public service and have worked in the community in several roles. I was an elected official in Taylor Lake Village for a decade, first a City Councilman, then Mayor. I participate in the community advisory panel that serves as forum for residents and local industry. Cindy, a NASA scientist, served as Police Commissioner in our community. We also volunteer for numerous school and community committees and working groups.