Air Assault in Houston and Across Texas

President Trump, Congress and the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality are actively working to increase pollution of the air we breathe. In Houston and across Texas we need to protect our children and families from deadly fumes.

Trump and the Republicans in Congress, including Congressional District 36 representative Brian Babin, are axing the EPA’s budget by a third. That means far less enforcement of Clean Air laws, in addition to weakening laws and regulations to clean our air. Likewise, Republican leaders in Texas cut TCEQ’s funds by $6M to cut back enforcement of ¬†environmental projection in our communities.

Air Assault article by Houston Chronicle

Traffic on I-45 in Houston's Central Business District
Photo: Yi-Chin Lee, Houston Chronicle

Whether you live in Houston or in Orange, or other small towns or rural areas, the dirty air will find you as it moves across county lines. Support a solid opponent to Brian Babin. Jon Powell has the technical knowledge and experience to stand up to the weak rationals the GOP uses to break down environmental protections of the air we breathe.

Houston Chronicle Business Columnist Calls for Healthcare for All

Chris Tomlinson, taking a pragmatic analysis of the healthcare situation in the US concludes that, “Someday, Americans will realize what other countries have concluded: Health care is like the military, police and fire services. It should be paid for with taxes and carefully regulated.”

If the Republicans in Congress and Trump in White House can’t come to an agreement on how to improve America’s health care system, perhaps it is time to take an approach that ensures care for all.

Tomlinson Houston Chronicle Business Article

When a Scientist Leaves the Lab to Run for Office

Jon Powell, a scientist and small business owner, decided he had to run for Congress after the 2016 election because the elected representatives in Washington were failing America. He saw this especially in Texas Congressional District 36, which runs from Houston/Clear Lake area across nine SE Texas counties (Chambers, Jasper, Hardin, Harris, Liberty, Newton, Orange, Polk and Tyler) – a region that needs much more than failed representative Brian Babin. Babin, favoring ill-conceived policies of the past instead of representing the interests of Texas voters, is simply not the problem-solver we need for our communities, energy industries, aerospace leadership and bottom line, creating good jobs.

Like other many scientists across the country (see LA Times article about scientists running for office) , Jon Powell knows practical, logical approaches can be applied to¬†our country’s gnawing problems. And based on decades of working in groups to solve complex, technical issues, Jon knows that research and analysis, solution testing, talking to voters and cooperative efforts will lead to the prosperous future we need in SE Texas.

Like most scientists, Jon Powell’s not a slick story teller, he’s a “let’s sit down, talk this through, and reason it out” problem-solver.