Democracy at Risk

Are you happy with the direction that Texas and our country are going?

Do you know that the current Congress and our current U.S. Representative are working to

  • Take away health coverage from 22 million Americans or more, make health insurance much more expensive for many others, and that this will give a huge tax cut to the wealthiest 1%?
  • Cut funding for public education and research in medicine and science reducing investment in our nation’s future?
  • Cut support for food assistance and nursing homes for the elderly?
  • Block passage of a higher minimum wage that workers need to support their families?
  • Reverse environmental protections that are currently keeping our air and water clean and healthy?
  • Spend billions on wasteful projects that have no value or practical need, like a border wall?

All of this, together with the chaos in the White House, places our democracy at risk. Our current Representative and others like him in Congress are enabling this dangerous erosion of our democracy.

The future of our democracy is at risk.”

Reaffirming our democracy

Everyone benefits and we strengthen our democracy, when we

  • Provide access to affordable health care for everyone.
  • Have a thriving public education system that prepares students for the challenges of the future.
  • Invest in infrastructure that creates opportunity and enhances protection from natural disaster.
  • Protect our air, water, and environment to create healthier living conditions.
  • Assist the elderly and others who have contributed to our nation and now need our community’s support as they get older.
  • Provide reasonable protection from banks and financial services providers that endanger our economy and exploit low-income workers.
  • Oppose discrimination against any group and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

These investments in our future—for you, for our neighbors, for our kids and grandkids—will help Texas’ 36th Congressional District, and the entire country.

We must change direction by electing a new Congress and new U.S. Representative for our district. We need a U.S. Representative who will be honest, direct, and will serve for the benefit of everyone in the Texas 36th. This is why I have committed to run to represent you in Texas Congressional District 36.

I need your support to create a better future for our community. The 2018 Midterm elections are closer than you think… please get involved today!