Why I Am Running for Congress

My name is Jon Powell, and I am a candidate for U.S. Congress in the 36th district here in southeast Texas.   

A little about me

I am a husband and father, a scientist and a geologist. I have my own environmental and management consulting business and I have worked with companies here and across the globe.

We moved to Taylor Lake Village in 1988 when Cindy Evans, my wife, got a job at NASA.  We spawned two native Texan sons, now grown up and on their own. We raised them surrounded by the friendship of our community.  Each of our family members is committed to public service and giving back to others in our community.  I have served as City Councilman and Mayor of Taylor Lake Village. Cindy has been on the police commission. Our boys have volunteered and worked to serve the public since they were little kids.

2018 is a pivotal election for this district and our country

We need to get the government back on track where it was intended—to serve the good of the people and provide opportunity for all.  This will take new leadership—here and in congressional races across the country—so we can put the country back on the path of investing in America so we can make a brighter future—for our kids and grandkids. 

Put real voices in Congress

I’m running for Congress to help put real voices in Congress so we can implement policies that help us build an economy that works for everyone—for people living in the more populated areas along the coast to those in the rural areas in the piney forests of East Texas. 

We need someone to build a positive and practical agenda that will help lift us up.
I am the person to do this. 

With your help, we can make this happen.  Will you donate $25, $50 or $100 TODAY so we can have the resources to talk to voters across the district?

With your help, we can make Texas and our country a better place for our kids and grandkids. 

When a Scientist Leaves the Lab to Run for Office

Jon Powell, a scientist and small business owner, decided he had to run for Congress after the 2016 election because the elected representatives in Washington were failing America. He saw this especially in Texas Congressional District 36, which runs from Houston/Clear Lake area across nine SE Texas counties (Chambers, Jasper, Hardin, Harris, Liberty, Newton, Orange, Polk and Tyler) – a region that needs much more than failed representative Brian Babin. Babin, favoring ill-conceived policies of the past instead of representing the interests of Texas voters, is simply not the problem-solver we need for our communities, energy industries, aerospace leadership and bottom line, creating good jobs.

Like other many scientists across the country (see LA Times article about scientists running for office) , Jon Powell knows practical, logical approaches can be applied to our country’s gnawing problems. And based on decades of working in groups to solve complex, technical issues, Jon knows that research and analysis, solution testing, talking to voters and cooperative efforts will lead to the prosperous future we need in SE Texas.

Like most scientists, Jon Powell’s not a slick story teller, he’s a “let’s sit down, talk this through, and reason it out” problem-solver.